welcome to the radiation zone


hey. this website is not at all completed, and as you read it theres a good chance im hunched over my computer in the dark teaching myself coding basics. i am not at all experienced with coding, so please cut me some slack. thanks, and welcome to my corner of the world wide web, brought to you from the nearest nuclear reactor meltdown all the way to your own personal glowing information box.

here, i will hopefully host some of my art and...just about anything else i want, probably.

i, uh, can almost absolutely assure you that this site looks bad on mobile. it should still work fine, but like...it will look really bad. also im always and constantly trying to format this whole thing better before i start using it how i want, yknow? im sure you get it.

  • [1/7/22] formatting things, most of which have to do with this box
  • [1/25/23] hehe. changed up some words

got a question? just ask my lovely friend ronald.